What Is Cost Blowout And How To Avoid it

When building a home, occasionally people get stuck with unexpected expenses pushing the build over budget. This happens by not allotting the right allowances in the budget. Not having a proper inspection on the property can cost you thousands. A septic system and well on average cost about $12,000 that price is much more if a boulder needs to be removed. This is one way a blowout can occur. 

Bilttt uses a proprietary cost calculator and budget tool which allows us to balance these costs correctly. You’re never in a position of cost blowout. The software will work your budget in reverse, starting with land expenses, which leave us with a total cost needed for the construction. We do this independent from banks and builders, so you are better prepared in the stages to follow. Our budget is not a pre-approval it’s the number you take to the bank for approval.

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