How Builders Should Use Todays Technolgy

The housing market is climbing again, especially here in Charlotte, NC. The national players are going hard. The only problem is, the national guys are lean and they have marketing budgets and investors up the wazoo. So how on earth does the smaller guy compete?

They compete by working together and forming a network. It’s hard for one of us small fries to compete head to head with a gorilla ike Clayton Homes but through companies like Bilttt, builders have the tools they need to reduce costs and increase marketing exposure. Bilttt offers all the latest digital marketing strategies necessary for smaller builders to outreach their competitors.

If your company is not on Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest, Snap and Linkedin you’re not relevant in 2019. If you are not blogging and providing upfront value to your potential clients, you are going to struggle in the long game. If youre currently not using Google, Bing, Houzz and Home Advisor, you’re simply not relevant to today’s consumers. Here are some ways to get started increasing your relevancy online.


According to Hubspot, active companies that blog draw 8 times more organic search traffic and double the amount of referral traffic. Check out the results of their study below. We understand blogging can be a lot of work. Companies like Bilttt makes this easier for builders with relevant content that converts.

Hubspot blog statistics


3D and VR home tours add professional modern experiences to any builders front end. The client can visualize depth and color which creates an emotional connection to the floor plan that is not experienced with traditional 2D black and white floor plans.


Social media has become a standard for advertising. It’s not as easy as creating a page and then posting pictures of your projects as some of you have figured out. Having an organized delivery from large format content to small more demo direct (micro) content is the key to success. Try filming a keynote speech at a convention and then breaking that down into smaller podcasts or content pieces for each social platform.


Many people may have an interest in building a modular or custom home, but they are not quite ready financially. The decision to build a custom home is often made over years, not months. For this reason, it is important to stay top of mind with your potential customers and nurture a relationship over time so that when they are ready, they will call. For a more in depth marketing plan contact Bilttt

If you take any one of these steps, you will be improving your digital marketing efforts. Many custom builders find it beneficial to work closely with a digital marketing agency to target a specific demographic of prospective buyers in their local area. Bilttt has worked with builders in the Charlotte NC area and beyond to help them market effectively and attract new buyers. If you are interested in learning more about Bilttt’s suite of digital marketing and website designs services designed to serve the needs of your building company sign up today.

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