Getting A Fair Cost Estimate

Qualified home dealers can prepare estimates in less than an hour if they know something about your floor plan, level of amenities, and actual site requirements. The more complete the data, the more accurate their price is likely to be. Since it will be an expected price, it will be missing most of the specific details that go into a home. The dealers will try to account for these details in their ballpark estimate by making some assumptions. Ask them to explain these pricing assumptions and how their estimates will change if their assumptions prove incorrect. The dealers’ assumptions may include the use of one of their standard floor plans as a starting point. The dealer may provide an allowance for optional features of a certain amount. Many dealers estimate for the services of a general contractor (GC), they should explain these assumptions as well.

For example, they may find that the property has public water and sewer with overhead electric, this could change when the building lot is bought. Calculations for the GC should further include any site-built structures that are being considered, such as a garage, porch, or deck.
Some dealers can be more transparent then others make sure you’re asking the right questions.

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