Bilttt Basics

Bilttt Offers An Easy Solution To Buying A Home.

STEP 1. Identify What You Want.

Coastal Ranch

We all have unique wants and needs when it comes to building a home. Are you looking for a ranch, a two-story, cape cod, modular, manufactured, log cabin or stick built? Once you have an idea of what you like we can move forward in the process.

STEP 2. Bracket The Budget.

Building a home requires expenses that are easy to overlook. Bilttt helps to make this process simple to understand ensuring you’re not left with costly oversights. Ironically land is a good example of what some clients often forget about. You’ll need a place to put your new home. We offer land locating services to help in this area if you don’t already have some land. Once we have a budget set in place you’ll be ready to speak with a lender for pre-approval. You can use your current lender and approval or choose a lender from our trusted network.

STEP 3. Creating A Floor Plan

Simple Floor Sketch

Now that you know what you’d like and you have a budget in place we can move over to the fun part, creating a floor plan. You can choose an existing floor plan from our builders, experience a virtual home in true VR, or create one from scratch. We make this easy for you. You can simply draw a simple floor plan idea like the one above and we will convert it to full 3D, you’ll work side by side with our project managers to ensure accuracy. We can also duplicate or modify a floor plan to your liking.

STEP 4. Choose A Builder

Find The Right Builder

Well, you’ve decided on the 1800 square foot country ranch on a 2-acre property outside the city. Your bank has given the approval and the Bilttt team and you have created a stunning floor plan. You’ve toured the home in VR and feel comfortable enough to speak with a builder. Your project will be checked over by Bilttt, approved and sent to our network of vetted builders for a bid. No builder is the same, once 2-3 builders have bid on your project we will discuss your options and you can choose the builder that best fits your needs. Some builders may have better pricing others may be experienced masons and prove better for your project. After you choose a builder and terms are met the builder we will begin the process of construction.

STEP 5. Relax

The process has begun. You’re on the way to building a new home. Bilttt will monitor the builder, acting as the construction manager for your project. You will have full transparency on each stage of the build. This is easy to follow just like ordering a pizza, you can see when each stage is complete so you can focus on the things that matter. If we need you for any part of the process you’ll be notified by a Bilttt Agent along the way.

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