Construction loans are different than loans for buying existing houses. You can lock in your rate before the shovel hits the dirt and combine your land and house in one loan? A construction-to-permanent loan allows you to save money by locking in interest rates one time for the life of your loan with a one-time closing. With a loan that has two closings, you have to lock in a second rate, and have a second set of closing costs.

With construction loans, you pay interest only on the dollars dispersed during construction. A draw schedule is a disbursement schedule for the construction of your home. Lenders use the draw schedule as a timeline to pay the builder over the course of construction. For example, when the foundation is complete, under roof, after drywall, trim and cabinets, and after final completion. The lenders complete their own inspections in conjunction with the draw schedule. After your home is complete, the mortgage converts into a permanent mortgage.


Several of our Preferred Lenders offer services to repair credit scores. Your bank will develop an action plan with you based on your individual circumstances and what can be done in short order.

After completing all the documentation, the lender will send it off to the credit bureaus and, in most cases, you’ll start to see improvement in your credit score within a matter of weeks.

For more serious Credit issues we offer a full Credit Repair Service that can have you nearing approval in 6 months.