As the originator of the Bilttt Brand, my focus and drive has been to create a uniquely helpful customer experience for home buyers.

I spent most of my younger years creating and developing experiences for other business and emerging markets. In late 2018 after some personal changes, I started working in the manufactured housing industry. I had no experience with manufactured housing, but began educating myself and learning about factory-built homes. I worked with various dealers and builders over the next several years, but I always felt the level of service should have been much higher. I felt too many home buyers were left with unmet expectations and burdened with unexpected fees. The home-buying process felt dishonest and rushed. As I spent more time in other parts of the new-home-construction industry, I found the same problems again and again. I became convinced that there was a better way to do things.

I set out to create a new home buying process that was much more helpful, transparent, and trustworthy for the home-buyer. Along with the team at Bilttt, I have created an experience that truly respects the time, effort, and resources our clients invest in their dream homes. We specialize in customer service—that means expert help for our customers with items like budgeting, land evaluation, and selecting home features for the right mix of cost effectiveness and live-ability.

Our network allows companies to cooperate in new ways which creates better options for our customers and reduces the frustrations that builders have previously taken for granted in this industry.

As Bilttt grows, we are constantly learning and adapting our process to best serve our valued customers and our trusted vendors. We look forward to helping you on your home building journey.

-Will Gross, C.E.O.

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