About Us

Will Gross
Will GrossChief Executive Officer
A co-founder of Bilttt Home Solutions and the originator of the Bilttt brand, Will is passionate about helping people understand the myths and realities of home building. As Chief Executive Officer, Will personally manages sales and marketing for the company; his commitment to Bilttt’s excellent customer experience is the core of our vision.

Will enjoys music festivals, roller coasters, and a warm campfire.

Jessica Farmer
Jessica FarmerManaging Agent
She prides herself on being an agent with a prominent land development company that worked in multiple states to include FL, GA, NC, SC and TX. While in the construction industry, she built an entire remodeling business from the ground up that is still operational today. Since her first job in high school through today, she’s always been in a role that allows her to help others whether it is as small as a forever home or as large as building a wealth portfolio for investors.