If you cannot find your dream home on the market, Build your dream home! Buyers who decided to build new homes are more likely to enjoy them long term according to various surveys. Top reasons given for this include having everything shiny and new and customizing their home from top to bottom. Before deciding if new construction is right for you, you will want to learn about the different types of new-home construction and familiarize yourself with the process, from the initial land search and development all the way to selecting custom features.

In most cases, when someone says they are planning to construct their own home, they are referring to a fully customizable build where the buyer has a say in almost everything from design to materials; but, in the world of new construction homes, there are many different approaches buyers can take: 

Spec homes: With a speculative home the builder designs and constructs a single-family home without having a purchaser in mind. Instead, they plan on selling the house to a buyer once it’s complete. These homes often do not offer a significant level of customization.

Semi-Custom: Semi-custom homes are built new from the ground up but have limited options instead of full customization available for the buyer. These homes include bundled design elements which can make them less expensive than full custom builds. Many semi-custom homes are Tract Homes. With a tract home, one developer purchases a plot of land and divides it into individual  lots on which a home builder constructs all of the homes in that planned community. Take a look at some semi-custom home options here.

Fully custom homes: With a fully custom home, you typically find the land on your own or through a service like Bilttt.com then hire or designate a builder to build your dream home. You have total control over the floor plan, layout and finishes, but the process requires a lot of decision-making, attention to detail and disciplined budgeting. Luckily we can take  that burden off your shoulders for a more streamlined approach to your build. See how Bilttt’s innovative process works [here](3). Examples of home plans that can be the start of a fully custom build can be seen in our catalog.

Multi-Family: Multi-family homes are constructed to accommodate more than one family living separately. These range from simple duplexes up to multiplexes with more than a dozen connected units. Multi-family homes are usually constructed as investments and can be a great choice for those looking to build their first home and invest in real estate at the same time. Take a look at some multi-family home designs here.

Modular: Modular homes are factory built and assembled at the building site. These are not the same as mobile homes. Instead, they are constructed to site-built standards or above and pieced together by the builder to create a permanent home that will grow in value just like a site built home. Modular homes usually offer about the same amount of options as Semi-Custom Homes. Modular homes are often faster to construct and sometimes less expensive than their site-built equivalents. Check out our selection of modular home options [here](6).

Non-Traditional: In recent years, alternative home types such as tiny homes, container homes, earth ships, etc. are becoming more and more popular. The use of recycled materials, new construction methods such as 3d printed concrete, and innovative form factors make these homes a dream for the environmentally conscious and forward-thinking buyer. These types of homes are surprisingly difficult to build due to permitting, material costs, and the difficulty of mortgaging them. At Bilttt we are excited about these new technologies and are cautiously optimistic that they will continue to become more affordable and available.