This is Bilttt’s specialty. The best way to save money when building a home is knowing what not to pay for.  With all the factors in costing a home (see: What affects the cost of my build?), there is a lot of opportunity to save. Our “Bilttt Breakdown” budgeting tool was designed with these savings in mind. Our transparent process eliminates hidden fees and industry jargon to identify the practical and realistic savings that can be achieved on your project. Make an appointment with us today for a free budget consultation on your home build.

What’s the first way to save? Buy less house! That’s right, we said it. Keeping a simple floor plan and design is the most economical way to build a home and keep costs low by allowing simpler and more efficient construction than fully custom home builds. These home styles don’t have as many high-end bells and whistles as fully custom builds but tend to be much more economical.

Similar savings can often be achieved by building a modest custom home while keeping materials cost in mind. Materials cost is a huge factor in the final home price. When building a custom home, consider choosing less expensive options in areas that are easy to upgrade later such as light fixtures, faucets, and door handles. Items such as countertops, cabinets, and appliances can also be important areas where the final choices will greatly affect the price of the home.

Location is another important factor in finding ways to save money on your home build. A seemingly perfect location can add a lot of cost to your project if it needs too much improvement in terms of clearing, grading, backfill, etc. Choosing a location to build that minimizes land preparation costs can be a great way to save on your complete project. If you have questions about your land or need to find land to build on, contact us today! Bilttt can help!

Know your numbers when looking for your project financing! If you don’t, you can be in a position for some unexpected surprises and those are never fun. Items such as adjustable interest, closing costs, and construction loan fees are easy to overlook when budgeting for a complete build. We always recommend talking to the professionals when it comes to financing–our network lenders can explain these in detail so you have a full Understanding of your financing terms and interest rates.  You may be able to speak with your lender about unique opportunities you have to lower costs. Often banks and lender have programs you can qualify for which may add up to big savings.

If you have any questions or would like to discuss your project, please contact us or make an appointment and we’ll be happy to help!