Moving can be a daunting task! Just the thought of a big move can be a source of unwanted anxiety. As you begin to prepare for your move, having a plan can help. Those that have moved numerous times all begin with the “where to begin” question. With a bit of organization and some helpful tips you can turn that daunting task into an easier undertaking. You learn how to make it easier with each move. If you are one of the many “Where do I begin?” this article can help.

The GOOD news… There is HELP! As you begin your fun new adventure of packing up and moving into your new home take these tips along with you. They will help save you time and cut down on some of that unwanted angst. We can’t pretend all the worries will be miraculously swept away but we can certainly help to alleviate some of it!

#1 – Give yourself enough time to pack and organize!

All in you want to give yourself about three to four weeks for your packing needs. This includes preparing, packing, and moving. Pick a date about four weeks before your closing date to ensure you have enough time to get everything together. If you are a procrastinator, picking a date even a little earlier helps for those “I’ll do it tomorrow” thought you’ll have.

#2 – You made it to you day 1 of getting ready to move. Now you will make a “game plan”.

Organize the rooms in your current home! If you have a three bedroom home you most likely have six – eight total rooms in your home. This includes bedrooms, bathrooms, kitchen, and living areas. Write each room down on a notepad. Keep that notepad out in a spot that is easily accessible, you will have updates to your list so a pencil is best. Start with the room that you use the least, as it is best to pack your least used items first. If you think of something in that room that needs special attention, write that down!

#2 – How many boxes will I need?

A highly important question that some people overlook. There are several ways to get the boxes needed for your move. You can ask your neighbors for any boxes they’ll be putting in the recycling bin, ask your local grocery store for boxes they are tossing, or even going to your local hardware store and buy new boxes. Where you get your boxes depends on whether you mind used boxes versus paying for new. Keep in mind that you won’t need boxes for everything. Some items in your home can actually play the role of a “box”, for example your suitcases. We’ll go deeper into packing hacks shortly, but to answer the “how many” question a general rule of thumb is 3 – 4 boxes per room. This number can change depending on how many belongings you’ll be taking with you to your new home.

#3 – Tips for the packing process:

Are you packing a little each day or only packing on the weekends? If you’ve given yourself enough time to pack either option will work for you, but remember doing a little each day will cut down on your final “push” as you get closer to moving day!

Put boxes in each room (out of the way so you don’t trip on them).

Find a good area in your home to start “stacking”. Once you have a box packed (not too heavy) you can put it in your “stack”. Seeing your progress will keep you motivated to get it all done faster.

Suitcases work great for books or other heavy objects (they roll!!)

Get a bag of flex garbage bags for clothes. These keep clothes clean and you can use the tie for keeping hangers in place. Have extra suitcases? Leave clothes on hangers and gently fold clothes into suitcase for transport.

Label boxes so you can easily determine where boxes should go in your new home.

#4 – Last minute notes for yourself!

While you are in your process of packing up rooms you may find yourself asking, “Why do I still have this?” It is probably a good time for that piece to find a new home instead of making its way to your new home.

#5 – When do I need a moving company?

If you are wondering how you will get all your belongings to your new home, hiring a moving company to help may be a great solution. We look at different scenarios to help determine when a moving company is in your best interest.

Am I moving out of state?

Do I have access to help move heavy pieces of furniture?

Can I fit all my belongings into my personal vehicle?

These are just a few of the questions that will warrant a call to price out moving costs.

#6 – Selecting a moving company.

If you decide you’d like the assistance of a moving company you are in luck! There are a number of local and national companies that work to make your move as easy as possible. Most companies have different services to meet your individual needs and in this day of technology you have access to an array of different companies, reviews from past customers, and in some cases instant quote through their online forms. Below we have a list of common questions moving companies ask in order to provide you with the service that will best suit your needs:

What is the square footage and number of rooms in your current home?

Number of bedrooms?

Do you have any pieces that need special care? (Piano, antique dressers, etc.)

Is your current home a ranch or two story home?

Is your new home a ranch or two story?

Your current address and the address of your new home.

Would you like assistance with packing your current home?

Keep in mind that to get the best price and availability for your move date calling at least six weeks before your move is best.

And FINALLY… Don’t forget to take a breath and know it will all get done! What seems like a daunting task has an exciting end result of being in your new home!