Project Description

Mark Pondo is a Certified Master Home Inspector licensed in North and South Carolina. With 17 years’ experience in home inspections, A Rock-Solid Home Inspection is a thorough and accurate service. “A+” rated by the Better Business Bureau and Angie’s List, Mark has specialized certifications for Radon, Mold, Energy Audits, and Building Professional Analyst as well as being 4-year member of BPI Institute and was awarded Best Home Inspector by the US Commerce Association.

I just wanted to take time out and thank you for doing the inspection on our home.  I really appreciate the time that you took out to show me certain items of concern on my home. Again, I just wanted to shoot you a quick thank you, and tell you I really appreciate the information that you provided to me, most inspectors don’t take the time out to do that and you did. So, thanks again! Have a great day!

Joane Chapin Charlotte NC, Buyer

Thank you very much Mark!  I can honestly say that you performed the best home inspection I have seen in my career. Your price was great and the value of your services unparalleled by any I have seen.  Our repair request (attached) was met in its entirety by the seller and Joane is very pleased.  I will definitely use you with my future buyer clients.

Matt Lunsford Pineville NC, Realtor/Broker NC/SC Realty Trendz

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